100% Employees

Your highly-trained crew members will be employees of Falcone Crawl Space, not subcontractors. Everyone you see in a Falcone uniform is a full-time employee who shares the Falcone values.

Safety First

Falcone works to keep your family and its employees safe from start to finish.

Dedicated Experts

We're specialists in foundations. All we do is foundation repair, maintenance and drainage.

Other Services

Buyers Consultation

At Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair, we’ve always tried to make it as easy as possible for home buyers to do business with us. That is why we offer a Buyers Crawl Space Consultation. Before you buy a new home, you will always pay for a complete inspection, but we now urge you to consider a Buyers Crawl Space Consultation, as well. You want to know exactly what you are getting into when buying a new home. When it comes to the crawl space, you want to make sure things like slightly elevated moisture levels don’t become moisture-damaged beams...

Odor Elimination

Odor Elimination “How do I get rid of this musty smell from my crawl space?” At Falcone Crawl Space, we get odor questions from homeowners and realtors across the Carolinas every day. We finally have a great solution to quickly and safely eliminate of any odor! This service provides complete odor elimination from smoking, animals, mold and much more. Click here to view more information about Falcone Crawl Space’s complete odor elimination service. Contact your friends in crawl spaces today at 866-651-8989 for a free quote for odor elimination. We work with any licensed structural or soil engineer in NC or SC....

Crawl Space Evaluation & Tune-Up 866-651-8989

For the past 12 years, Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair’s goal has always been to provide the best service, with the best value, using only the best materials. Since 2006, we have been repairing foundations for homeowners across North and South Carolina. With over 250 service awards, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and four “Best Places to Work” awards, Falcone has built a reputation as a trustworthy service provider and excellent employer. We’re a dedicated team that loves living the “crawl life,” and as customer’s needs have changed, so has Falcone!  This is why we are now excited and proud to...

Engineer Finder

Why hire an independent structural engineer? by Fred Falcone II At Falcone Crawl Space we believe that an engineer should be hired for an exterior foundation issues as well some interior foundation issues. The North Carolina Board of Engineers has a rule that our views reflect; it can be found at http://www.ncbels.org/forms/foundationrepaircompanyguidelines.pdf. Many foundation repair companies are not aware of the rule, don’t care about the rule, or utilize loop holes in the rule. We believe YOU should research and retain an engineer you believe to be the best fit for you and your home. Yes, we could hire an...

Mold Wash & Mold Guard

Mold Wash & Mold Guard Ask your Falcone Crawl Space consultant about the Ten Year Mold-Free Guarantee! Our dedicated Ten Year Mold-Free Guarantee team can wash any wood framing members (a substructure wash) to make the beams look almost as good as new! The solution our team members apply is peroxide-based, and safe! The Falcone family, kids included, use it twice a year to deep clean the inside of their chicken coops. And, for protection and the Ten Year Mold-Free Guarantee promise, an antimicrobial coating can be added to your basement or crawl space to prevent mold in the future...

Floor Insulation

Floor Insulation Are you tired of cold feet? Falcone Crawl Space can insulate between floor joists in your crawl space or basement to create a more comfortable home. Our floor insulation service is led only by Falcone Certified™ Installers and includes: tacking up loose wires and duct work, taking digital before & after photographs and installing new R-19 insulation between floor joists. Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair also offers an R-30 for an additional fee.   Please call (866) 651-8989 or email quotes@falconecrawlspace.com today to schedule an on-site consultation and receive a free, written quote for floor insulation.  

Ventilation System

ATMOX Crawl Space Ventilation System Regretting your closed crawl space? Debating the options of sealing your crawl space or improving the ventilation? The ATMOX Smart system is exactly that, smart. An ATMOX CRAWLSPACE System installed by Falcone Crawl Space is designed to manage moisture in your crawl space. Not only does the ventilation system cost less upfront than a sealed crawl space to install, it costs far less to operate. For most homes, the energy used when all the fans are running (they don’t run all the time) is about the same as a single light bulb. Compare that to a...

Beam Replacement

Beam Replacement Replacing crawl space components is complex, and not a do-it-yourself task. The crawl space specialists at Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair can install additional supports when your floors sag and can replace rotted structural members due to termite or moisture damage. No other foundation repair company in North or South Carolina replaces as much rotted beam as Falcone Crawl Space; this is our specialty. Your on-site crew leader will have completed extensive classroom training in building systems and proven themselves in the field by replacing over 5,000 linear feet of band, still, girder and joists. Wood members...

Pier Supports

Pier Supports Our piers are built by Falcone Certified™ Pier Installers and come with a 50 year warranty. Our footings have 33% more surface area than Code requires. Falcone Certified™ Pier Installers have completed 10 hours of classroom training, participated in 40 hours of on-site training and built approved piers in a minimum of 15 different crawl space settings. The classroom training includes sessions on crawl space safety, customer service, soil conditions, building code requirements, material selection and Falcone values. Most crew leaders have installed hundreds of piers to Falcone standards. Adding pier supports can correct over-spanning and provide additional support for...

Helical Piers

Whether your foundation wall needs a partial or full replacement, or the installation of helical piers for lifting and stabilization, Falcone Crawl Space has you covered. Our galvanized steel piles can be installed on a slab, crawl space or basement. To find out more about why Falcone is the best company to service your helical pier needs in the Carolinas, call 866-651-8989 or Contact Us. Award-Wining Team Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair has award-winning crews devoted to helical pier installation. Call us today at 866-651-8989 to set up an appointment for a free, written quote for repairs. Our team has...

Drainage, Waterproofing, and Gutters

Drainage & Waterproofing Falcone Crawl Space has won several service awards for drainage and waterproofing. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can install exterior “French” drains, sump pumps, interior drains, gutter downspout extensions and perform light grading services. In the Charlotte metro area only we offer gutter installation, gutter replacement, and gutter maintenance services. Gutters – with your foundation in mind Clogged or failing gutters and downspouts are the most common cause of foundation problems we run across here at Falcone Crawl Space. For over 12 years we’ve been recommending that homeowners keep their gutters unclogged, inspect downspouts and extensions to...