Crawl Life Chronicles

Safe Driving

In November 2017, a dozen drivers from Falcone completed a private, four-hour safe driver training workshop with SKILLS Driving. This classroom and behind-the-wheel program helps our drivers safely navigate Carolina roads.

Fred Falcone becomes only National Certified Foundation Repair Specialist in the Carolinas

The National Foundation Repair Association has members from 19 states, but only one from the Carolinas has a nationally-certified foundation repair specialist on staff. In April 2017, Falcone Crawl Space owner Fred Falcone traveled to Houston, Texas to take the NFRA exam and attend the organization’s annual conference. The executive director of the association, Joe McCullough, says: “The National Association for Foundation Repair is proud to announce that Fred Falcone of Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair has been entered into a growing field of Nationally CERTIFIED Foundation Repair Specialist in the U.S. The national foundation repair exam places the...

Four Rules on Getting Pitch Perfect Foundation Repairs & Permits!

Do you need permits for structural foundation repair? Yes. Yes. Yes. Why Are They Important? Building permits for structural foundation repair are vital to a successful, compliant, and properly executed project. Repair projects are fickle and might be set up for a number of setbacks, and nowhere is this truer than in the permit process.  Skip a permit in hopes of a quicker, cheaper project, and you could be faced with real consequences.  If the job can’t be done quickly, at least you will sleep better at night knowing your foundation repair project is in full compliance with local codes...